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Jamason Chen is a photographer, videographer, and new media researcher. His professional career spans nearly twenty years working as a photojournalist as well as in the motion picture and broadcasting industry, digital visual media research and experiment and multimedia consultation. In 1999, Chen was honored by Who’s Who in Chinese Photography, which nominated him as an outstanding photographer and included his work in its publication.

As a freelance photo contributor, his photographs and essays have been appeared in numerous Asian publications including: People’s Photography and Popular Photography, China; Lian He Zao Bao (the United Morning News), Singapore; Wen Wei Po (the Cultural Daily), Hong Kong; and Photo Creator, Malaysia. In 1996, he participated in the photographic project, Singapore Today. In that same year, he initiated and organized the photo exhibition, The Hope Project—Education in Rural China in cooperation with the Alliance Francaise de Singapour,(Singapore). In 1998, he translated the book, Visual Concepts for Photographers (by Leslie Stroebel, Hollis Todd and Richard Zakia, 1984) into Chinese for the Chinese Photography Press. In the United States, his work has appeared in The Murphy Report,, and Cross-Cultural Poetics and the geowall on-line journal.

SSince 1998, Chen has been based in Minneapolis where he works as a new media researcher, practitioner, multimedia consultant and photographer at the School of Mass Communication and Journalism (SJMC) at the University of Minnesota in addition to a freelance media consultant in the Twin Cities. His position requires teaching students non-linear editing skills (Final Cut Pro, Media 100, AVID), digital videography (Sony VX1000, Sony TRV900, Sony DSR200DVCAM) and graphic arts programs (Photoshop, After Effects, Quark). Under his supervision, student broadcasting projects at the SJMC have won many regional awards including: Best Documentary (NBNA, SPJ); Best Feature (NBNA); Best Photojournalism (NBNA) and Best Newscast (NBNA). As a cultural consultant, he has worked with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to organize its Winter 2000 photo exhibition, 50 Years Inside The People’s Republic and its related programming and events. In conjunction with the exhibition, Chen presented a public lecture, “China Pattern: A Culture Revealed Through Photographs”.

His video work, “Life Is... ” was screened in 3rd Annual Really Independent Video Festival 2000 in Duluth, Minnesota and the American Television Annual Showcase for International Short Film and Video in San Diego, California. In October 2000, that video won a 2000 Minnesota Emmy.

Chen is currently completing his Master’s Degree in Journalism at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota. His Master’s research thesis explores the informational fidelity in digital visual communication.